LDAI 2021

Conceptual Category Finalists


Hot & Cold therapy device for quick pain relief & speedy recovery.

Iceheal is a medical device designed to help the post-injury rehabilitation process by giving both hot and cold effects required for muscle conditioning. The cold effect curtails injury expansion by reducing the speed of blood circulation while the heating effect relaxes tense muscles, and increases range of motion. Current hot and cold therapy products heavily rely on ice and hot water along with the external unit (refrigerator & oven). This makes them difficult to use as carrying, storing, and maintaining ice and hot water can be troublesome. Iceheal gives the chilling effect with the help of electronics technology by eliminating ice from the whole process and uses a heating coil for the warm effect. Iceheal has developed by constant consultation with many professional athletes, coaches, and physiotherapists. With Iceheal you get 2-17 °C and 40-55°C range for cold and hot effect resp. Iceheal uses TEC1-12706 Peltier thermoelectric cooler, heat sink, copper plate, 12 v rechargeable battery, a heating coil, and liquid gel (Sodium polyacrylate). Iceheal eliminates the handling of ice and hot water and gives the desired effect anywhere anytime. With Iceheal forget about injuries and push your limits. WATCH VIDEO

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Assistive device for knee patients to walk and lift their legs onto bed by themselves.

Ept, meaning ‘adroit’ or ‘skillful’, an antonym of the word ‘inept’, is a multifunctional walking stick designed to facilitate the elderly suffering from knee ailments such as inflammation, weakness, joint pain, to walk, be able to lift their leg onto the bed and to do other daily activities, eliminating the need of a caregiver. It is height adjustable to cater to people with different heights and to use in different scenarios like pulling things closer or lifting things from the floor with the hook. Height can be adjusted by rotating the grip which is big enough for easy rotation and firm grip. Ept is a classic example of form and function as the hook-shaped foot gives a multifunctional feature to Ept benefiting the user. The foot also reduces the strain on the wrist. The tabletop holder allows the user to keep Ept aside on tabletops of different heights without dropping it down when they are resting. The product'ss body is made of hard plastic and the foot is made of aluminum alloy for strength with slip-resistant rubber at the bottom. The handle is padded with medical-grade silicon. WATCH VIDEO

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High tech off-grid prefabricated facility targeting primary maintenance care on national roadways with added amenities.

Ternion Axle - an attempt to primarily provide solutions to regard road accidents resulting in non-acute injuries in an effective manner. The project is essentially focusing on coexisting as a secondary layer with the primary medical system. Thus, resulting in optimisation of effective resources available by generating an infrastructure that is self-sufficient in terms of operation and maintenance aspects. These solutions are generated by conglomeration between production processes and Derivative programs. The venture is equipped with primary medical sustenance within a condensed space that is modular and reprogrammable in nature. The program provides simple design that can be clubbed providing added services such as sanitation and resting pods with medical care. The system is designed as a set of combinations that can be used with respect to local needs, environmental settings and adjusted to local linguistics. This facility is expected to be installed at certain distances on the stretch of national roadways where the nearest medical facilities are less accessible aiding casualties via various sorts of injuries. Each pod is facilitated to be connected using most used digital platforms and is also connected to independent cellular application that can be used to reach out to the facility. The project tends to connect with local medical representatives via digital application and similar popular platforms. In continuation, when an information on such occurrence is entered on the digital platform, the medical representative enrolled for the service is notified and they start their journey to the facility by the time the patient reaches the facility. WATCH VIDEO

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A simple, Inclusive Retrofittable-product that enables the Blind to consume Liquid-medicines precisely & distinguish between-medicines.

HOPE is an Inclusive-product that aims in enabling-Blind & making them independent. India, home to the world’s largest % of Blind. Only 10% of the blind-population in India knows braille (Blind-reading-Language) yet all the existing-products are in braille failing to cater the needs of the community. Medications being one of the basic-necessities for lives, Knowing Braille shouldn’t be a barrier from them being independent. Moreover, due to their inability to consume precise medicine, they are exposed to multiple-health-hazards. Till today there hasn’t been any solution that enables the Blind to consume liquid-medications & such a crucial-problem has been overlooked for all these years. HOPE is first of its kind Inclusive-product that enables the Blind to consume-Liquid-Medicine. Due to their inability to consume precise medicines, it has led to under-dosing, overdosing, missing-out-of-dosages & not completing-treatment-courses, in turn, they are exposed to multiple-health-hazards. HOPE is a simple retrofit-attachment to any liquid-medicine-bottle. It has a completely new approach; it serves a whole new experience of measuring liquid-medicines. It uses both audible & tactile senses for precise measurement, enabling the blind to consume medicine precisely & to distinguish between medicines. Besides enabling the blind to consume liquid medicines HOPE provides a very-comfortable and enriched user-experience for everyone who consumes liquid-medicines. It makes the process of consuming liquid-medicines more hassle-free and Comfortable! HOPE would serve as back-support, upsurging the scope for betterment for blinds in the Healthcare-sector. Let’s make blind people more Enabled & Independent by making HOPE a reality. WATCH VIDEO

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Redesigning the User-Experience / User-Interface of a Heart-Lung-Machine to enhance & increase the efficiency of life-saving of millions of people around the world.

Completely new control panels were designed to support the user who is under intense cognitive load, to aid in the fast saving of lives in emergencies. Addressing the existing problems & critical issues that exist in the UI/UX of a Heart-Lung Machine that in-turn increases the time of treatment where every second is very crucial to save patients' life. The primary research was an Intense 5 days spent in the operation theatre witnessing around 8 open heart surgeries, filled with continuous observations and interactions with the user, usage, product, context. The Heart-lung machine that I have redesigned is the Maquet Heart Lung Machine hl-20. It has 3 control panels 1. System Control Panel(SCP), 2. Roller Pump Module(RPM) and 3. Cardioplegia monitor(CM). I have worked on all the 3 panels redesigning them according to user needs to drastically reduce the time and efforts of treatment where every second is very crucial to save the patient's life! The new concept- The initial wireframe (Information Architecture) of the SCP, there are unnecessary loops and frustrating jumps which made the user experience not that intuitive and increased the time of setting up the machine which is very crucial during emergencies. The new wireframe is more simplifies with very few complexities and has reduced the time drastically which will be very helpful during emergency surgeries. WATCH VIDEO

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A modular air purification system that adapts to its environment and clean air sustainably.

Delhi is the most polluted capital city in the world. With the rise in air pollution, it is creating a serious threat to the population. Because of this Indians lose more than 18 months of their lives to air pollution. As my graduation project, I took a deeper look and tried too understand the problem and create a solution. India is 2nd most populous country. We have huge economic and space constraints to design a solution for crowded cities of India. For this, the solution should be versatile enough to be able to deployed in various scenarios. We collaborated with a research lab “Airth Research Pvt Ltd” and humanized their patented technology, which is able to capture the pollutant particles without using any filter. We then designed a modular air purification system which is versatile and flexible enough to be deployed in multiple scenarios. In this the whole structure is made up of modular panels. Each of the panels takes polluted air form the back and gives out clean air from the front. All of these panels works in tandem to create a clean air environment around the structure. Since this is a filter less technology, it produces no waste and one can even upcycle the captured pollutant particles. WATCH VIDEO

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